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Say Goodbye to Persistent Pockets of Frustrating Fat

In addition to the numerous immunity and wellness enhancement options we offer to our members at Serotonin Centers, we’re also here to help you build the body of your dreams. While weight loss programs and nutritional guidance are a great way to enjoy a fit and toned look, the fact of the matter is that sometimes persistent pockets of annoying fat sometimes stick around in spite of our best efforts.

When you find yourself encountering extra bulges that just won’t budge, CoolSculpting is the treatment for you, enabling you to eliminate obnoxious fat with little to no downtime or recovery period. To learn more about what CoolSculpting can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation with a Serotonin Centers team member today.

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Advanced Technology for Impressive Results


Through a process known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting literally freezes unwanted fat cells in the treatment area, killing them permanently. Once this happens, your body naturally metabolizes them, flushing them away. When the fat cells are gone, they don’t come back.

Quick and Easy

The treatment itself generally takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Members mostly experience an intense cold feeling, which subsides once the treatment area goes numb. After your treatment, a bit of redness and swelling will constitute the extent of your recovery period.

Impressive Results

You’ll begin noticing a visible reduction of fat in the treatment area within about three to four weeks, and many members continue to notice improvements for up to six months. Maintaining a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine can also help you preserve your results.

Discover Your Optimized Self at Serotonin Centers

Welcome to the Roadmap for Your Personal Well-Being

At Serotonin Centers, we focus on four main modalities to help you stabilize your health and happiness. Our approach to longevity and health optimization enables us to create a custom road map so you can break through the barriers to your very best self.

Hormone Optimization

Assume control over the way you feel by precisely directing your body’s chemical messengers.

Learn More about Hormone Restoration

Aesthetic Enhancement

Realize your cosmetic goals with highly effective age reduction and body contouring procedures.

Learn More about Aesthetic Enhancement

Weight Control

Achieve your optimal, healthy body weight with a combination of weight loss, body contouring, and nutritional guidance.

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Immunity Response

Supercharge your body’s defensive capabilities with advanced modalities designed to boost your immune system.

Learn More about Immunity Response
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Chart a Course to Your Ideal Body

Truly optimizing your health, wellness, and longevity deserves an optimum approach, which is why Serotonin Centers are here to offer you an impressive array of treatments and programs to help you both look and feel your absolute best. Our options range from nutritional guidance and muscle-building programs to aesthetic enhancement treatments like CoolSculpting and CoolTone, all designed to help you make sure you look as great on the outside as you feel on the inside. Reach out and set up your consultation with a Serotonin Centers team member today.


Can Coolsculpting Benefits Be Seen After One Week?

How Quickly Does Skin Tighten Happen With Coolsculpting?

How Frequently Should Coolsculpting Be Performed For The Best Results?

Does Coolsculpting Reduce Abdominal Fat?

Can I Take A Shower After Coolsculpting?

Can Coolsculpting Benefits Be Seen After One Week?

The majority of clients will see benefits within two to three weeks. As dead fat cells are eliminated from the body over the course of the next several months after the initial treatment, a steady improvement will occur as well. The final benefits of CoolSculpting might be noticed from six to twelve months after the treatment.

How Quickly Does Skin Tighten Happen With Coolsculpting?

Despite the fact that every individual's experiences will differ, some clients have reported experiencing improvements in as little as four weeks. However, CoolSculpting benefits generally take between 8 and 12 weeks to completely manifest in the majority of clients.

How Frequently Should Coolsculpting Be Performed For The Best Results?

Each treatment will be separated by several months to allow the body to respond normally and eliminate the fat cells naturally. Generally, it is advisable to wait at least 30 days before beginning a fresh CoolSculpting session, with 4 months being the optimal time frame.

Does Coolsculpting Reduce Abdominal Fat?

To answer simply, CoolSculpting does reduce abdominal fat. CoolSculpting was initially intended to remove abdominal fat in the first place, hence the abdomen is one of the most popular treatment locations. That said, since the advancement of the treatment, CoolSculpting has become popular for treating a variety of areas on the body.

Can I Take A Shower After Coolsculpting?

After getting a CoolSculpting treatment, most clients are allowed to take a warm shower if they desire. However, clients must avoid having a hot shower or steam shower, soaking in a hot bath, entering a jacuzzi, or otherwise dramatically increasing their body temperature for at least 48 hours after CoolSculpting.

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