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What Is Prescription Medication to Assist with Weight Loss?

Prescription medication to assist with weight loss is an injectable weight loss medication. Clients are provided with a minimal dose in the beginning, which is increased steadily until reaching a therapeutic dose.

Diabetics would use this type of drug when their normal medication was not working. Before being used in medical weight loss, it was known to effectively lower blood sugar, which resulted in weight loss.

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How Does Prescription Medication to Assist with Weight Loss Work?

Prescription medication to assist with weight loss has been found to act on the hypothalamus area of the brain. The hypothalamus helps regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, mood, sleep, and libido. The hypothalamus helps regulate our satiety or sense of fullness.

Prescription medication to assist with weight loss works by affecting your food reward system so that your sense of fullness is prolonged. Clients routinely report that they have stopped craving their favorite unhealthy foods. This makes it much easier for them to choose healthier food options that allow them to lose weight.

This slows down some of the activities of the gastrointestinal tract. In other words, this medication allows you to retain food in your stomach for a longer period of time so that you feel full longer.

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Is It Safe?

Although most medications have risks and side effects, prescription medication to assist with weight loss has been found to be relatively safe for the majority of clients. Most people with heart, liver, and kidney problems can safely use it.

Before you are prescribed this medication, your provider will consult with you to determine if you can take it safely.

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How Quickly Will I Start Losing Weight?

This question is somewhat difficult to answer, as each individual is a different case. For example, a client could "out-eat" the medication and actually gain weight or hold a steady weight. This is one reason why it is important to combine your medication with exercise and sound nutrition choices.

Many users of prescription medication to assist with weight loss find that they begin losing weight in the first week. It is not unusual to take a bit longer to begin losing weight, as your initial dose will be fairly small while your body is still adjusting to the medication.

Clients taking part in a recent study lost an average of 14.9% of their body weight over the 62-week duration of the study. Your individual weight loss may vary, depending upon a range of factors.

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