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High Profile & Growth Industry

  • Huge prospect pool: adults 18+, over 258.3 MILLION Americans (2020 US Census)
  • The US has the largest wellness market, valued at $1.2 TRILLION. (Global Wellness Institute)

Hormone | Restoration

US hormone replacement therapy market = $7.07 BILLION in 2020; expected CAGR of 6.1% from 2021- 2028. (Fortune Business Insights)

Aesthetic | Enhancement

US spa industry market = $18.1 BILLION in 2022, up from $12.1 BN in 2020. (International Spa Association) The US injectables market = $16.3 BILLION in 2021; expected CAGR of 10.21% from 2022-2027. (IMARC Group)

Immunity | Recovery

US immune health supplements market = $20.5 BILLION in 2020; expected CAGR of 9.3% from 2021-2028. (Grandview Research)

Weight | Control

US weight loss and weight management market = $72.6 BILLION in 2021. (Researchandmarkets.com)

Real-Time Speed to Market

  • First-mover advantage to capture markets
  • The current rollout is ahead of the industry curve
  • Business system and operations rollout are ready for scalability

Premiere Markets are Still Available

  • Secure your preferred location(s)

Recession and Pandemic Resilient Industry

  • Limited time, advantageous post-COVID rental rates
  • Deemed “essential workers” in the medical field
  • COVID has made people more acutely aware of their health and is influencing intentional behavior to stay healthy, well, and young
  • People want to feel and look good even in challenging times – an allure of Serotonin itself

Unbeatable Prospect Demographics

  • Everyone ages and will spend in order not to
  • Getting in early on the burgeoning industry will pay dividends

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Standard Operating Procedures for all medical procedures to ensure the best member experiences and outcomes.

Turn-key retail profit centers, including branded nutritional supplements, apparel, and premium brand skin care.

Management training program including sales, marketing, and customer/member retention tools.

Results-oriented, one-stop hub for longevity, anti-aging, health, and wellness.

Brand awareness through multi-impression marketing and advertising programs that build membership and sustain customer loyalty.

Pre-negotiated partnerships with industry-leading brands Allergan (Botox®), HydraFacial®, and Pellecome®.


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Net Worth:

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Initial Investment:
$526,999 - $1,261,999

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Franchise Fee*:

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Brand Fund:

*One-time franchisee fee. Serotonin Enterprises also offers multi-unit development discounts

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Helping Others Attain Well-Being

Eric Casaburi created the brand SEROTONIN to develop anti-aging, aesthetic, and wellness medical centers to address the escalating needs of a large, much-underserved market. A successful entrepreneur, Casaburi guided his last endeavor in the health and wellness space to over $156,000,000 per year in system-wide revenue, with over 150 fitness centers serving 500,000+ members across 17+ states. Realizing there was an unfilled need in the wellness industry regarding age management for a large and growing portion of the population, he created SEROTONIN. Leveraging many of the same business tenets that fueled his previous success, he has built the SEROTONIN business model for profitable and scalable growth.

Designed to be a comprehensive hub for longevity and healthspan, Serotonin Centers offers a cutting-edge blend of hormone replacement therapy, weight management immunity, recovery, and aesthetics.