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Your Ticket to a Tight, Toned Body

Now that you’re taking advantage of our advanced hormone replacement therapies and next-generation nutritional guidance programs, you’re ready to make sure your outer appearance matches the vitality and vigor that you feel on the inside. 

CoolTone is a great way to enjoy enhanced muscle definition, increased strength, and optimized muscle mass, all thanks to a quick, easy, and non-surgical treatment. Reach out and set up your consultation with a member of our Serotonin Center team to learn more about what CoolTone can do for you today.

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Give Your Workout Routine a Serious Boost

Many of our members love CoolTone for its ability to supplement traditional workout routines. Others enjoy its ability to quickly and easily produce impressive results, essentially preventing hours of gym time from interrupting their busy schedules. Whatever your motivation may be, you’ll love how effectively CoolTone enables you to enjoy a fit, toned look.

This treatment is FDA-approved for building muscle mass and increased tone in the:

  • Butt
  • Abs
  • Thighs

Advanced Technology, Incredible Results

By utilizing a technology known as AMP (or active magnetic pulse), CoolTone is able to send electronic signals to your muscles, stimulating them in a way that basically mimics a vigorous workout.

By causing your muscles to contract and expand, CoolTone tones, firms, and strengthens the treatment area. The result will be an impressively muscular look, without having to spend hours and hours in the gym.

During your consultation, we’ll help you explore your options, and decide whether or not this is the right treatment for you. There are instances where other options are recommended.

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Discover the Path to Your Optimal Self

Here at Serotonin Centers, we’re committed to offering the treatments and programs that see you enjoying a firm grasp on optimized well-being and enhanced longevity. Whether this means helping you out with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for an increased sense of inner hormonal balance, or guiding you along with a weight loss program that sees you realize your fitness goals, we’ll unite you with the best possible version of you. Reach out and set up your consultation, and start charting your path to your optimal self today.

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SkinMedica® is dedicated to providing the highest-quality line of products for skin rejuvenation. Combining with your body’s natural healing properties, SkinMedica’s® innovative science works with your skin to achieve results that are nothing short of spectacular.

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